The Euston Tap

The Euston Tap has 27 lines of draught beer to give you the best possible selection of beer available from all over the world. 
19 of these lines are kegged beers with an ever changing array of the finest ales, lagers, wheat beers and as yet unamed styles.
In addition to this we have 8 lines pouring perfectly brewed and kept cask ales.

Holborn Whippet

The Holborn Whippet is a public house situated at the Bloomsbury end of Sicilian Avenue. We stock only small craft breweries, quality wines and a superb lunch and dinner menu.

Resting Hare

The Resting Hare is located between Euston and King’s Cross stations on the lovely Woburn Walk. Wine and dine at Bloomsbury’s finest independently owned pub. We specialise in a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of space inside or out on our terrace.

Bloomsbury Bowling

Since 2005 Bloomsbury Bowling has become a refreshing stand out destination in London's chain and concept dominated night life. Bloomsbury might has been much copied since opening, but the authenticity of the venue, constant evolution and attention to detail sets it miles apart. A visit to Bloomsbury Lanes for group bowling, a meal or just a drink in our bar is an experience, or as one customer put it, “an awsome nights carousing.”
Bloomsbury Bowling

The Jackalope

Reborn Tavern on Weymouth Mews, Marylebone with 16 beers on tap. London's first Xiao Mian noodle kitchen opens.
The Jackalope

The Raven

 The Raven

KingPin Suite - Private Bowling Room
Fleet River Bakery - Holborn
Rays Pizza - late night Pizza in London