Let's be Honest...

Everyone loves a burger and beer combo.

You can now order Honest Burgers directly to your table at the Tap from their local Southbank branch. Here's a sneak peak of some of their delicious options we've tried and loved - scan any of the QR codes around the Tap to see their full menu and order online.

Double Smashed with Bacon - 2x Smashed beef patties, 2x American cheese, bacon, brown butter mustard mayo, white onion, pickles.

Pesto - Free-range grilled chicken breast, basil pesto, brown butter mustard mayo, tomato and rocket.

Vegan Teriyaki - Beyond Meat, Fable pulled shiitake mushrooms, teriyaki sauce, Applewood Vegan cheese, grilled peppers, spring onions, umami mayo and lettuce.

Local: South Bank - Honest beef, smoked bacon, Waterloo cheese, garlic pickle, red onion and baby spinach.

Special: Texas BBQ - Honest beef, bacon, double American cheese, Texas Drip BBQ sauce, caramelised onions, candied jalapeno mayo, lettuce and pickles.

Buffalo Wings - Free-range chicken wings with Frank’s RedHot buffalo sauce, ranch mayo and shoestring fries.

Onion Rings - Homemade light and crispy onion rings in a gluten-free batter.